Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bookshelf: Ken Foster

I can't read the second "A Song of Ice and Fire" book right now because that will mean missed T stops (did I tell you how I was so involved in "Game of Thrones" that I missed my stop?) and weeks of not wanting to do work when there are precious pages to read.  So I'm on to another book in the pile.

Ken Foster sounded so familiar.  Like, how do I know that name?  Then I googled him, found his blog, and discovered he was quoted on the cover of "The Lost Dogs".  Duh.  That's where I know his name from.

Currently reading... "The Dogs Who Found Me".  I'm apparently on an animal-related memoir kick.  And you're not at all surprised.  Is it wrong that I wish there were pictures?  For some reason I always expect animal books to have a glossy section mid-way through with pictures.  Sadly, I am often disappointed.  Maybe people aren't as obsessed with animal pictures as much as I am.  Oh well.

"The Dogs Who Found Me" (or at least from the half that I've read so far) is about Foster and his dog Brando, their life together, and the stray dogs that pop up along the way, whether it be a neighbor's abused dog that they take in or the scared little collie that was left tied to a bench in Tompkins Square.

Foster discussed the ability to "see" dogs and I can relate although I never see stray dogs in the Bean, and trust me, I'm always looking.  But I do 99% of the time notice a dog before their owner.  I think that speaks to my liking animals a bit more than people.  My favorite neighborhood dog is a lab in Davis Square that I see on walks with his owner and he always has a large stick clenched in his teeth.  It's like his security blanket, just like I never leave home without my phone.  I get it.

"The Dogs Who Found Me", much like "You Had Me At Woof", is a very quick read and made up of short chapters.  If you need something different to read between your usual tomes (i.e. George R. R. Martin) then both books are great picks.

Happy Reading!


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