Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bookshelf: Julie Klam

I got an Amazon giftcard for Administrative Professionals Day and managed to purchase Season 1 of Game of Thrones plus four books.  Fair warning, they are all animal books.  The first is  Julie Klam's "You Had Me At Woof".  The cover alone got the book into my shopping cart.  I mean look at those eyes!  That silly tongue!
"You Had Me At Woof" is a memoir of Klam's experiences in adulthood adopting and fostering Boston Terriers.  In just three short T ride's I am halfway through and totally enjoying it.  Klam has a wonderful way about her writing.  She manages to capture various moments in such a beautifully written way whether she's writing about a dog with explosive diarrhea or her obsessive (I can relate) anxiety about leaving her pet alone that you get caught up in what she's saying and feel 100% there with her.  It's fun, it's relateable, and I'm pretty sure I'll be done with it tomorrow night.  Great quick read!



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