Monday, October 31, 2011

Bookshelf: Lauren Weisberger (Part Deux)


Lauren Weisberger's second novel, "Everyone Worth Knowing" was published in 2005 so clearly I'm a few years behind, but it was on the $5 and under table so obviously I HAD to buy it. I can't pass up a cheap read.
"Everyone Worth Knowing" follows the same pattern as "Devil Wears Prada". A plain Jane (who's beautiful but doesn't quite know it) lands herself a super-prestigious job (this time at the hottest PR firm in NYC) where she mingles with VIPs, loses weight as she melts into her surroundings, alienates her family and friends, compromises her moral standards for her job, and eventually after one too many rides on the crazy train she realizes who she's become and redeems herself.
In "Everyone Worth Knowing" Bette is our Plain Jane, Penelope is her trusty best friend though their relationship has its ups and downs, Will and Simon are the Upper East Side gay uncles (there for comedic purposes), Phillip is the love interest that you know from moment one is the completely wrong guy. And then there's the guy you immediately know is the right one, Sammy, but circumstances won't allow it (or else there'd be no reason for the book!).
As embarassed as I was to answer my coworkers' questions, "What are you reading now?" I have to say, I was totally addicted and couldn't put "Everyone Worth Knowing" down. What can I say? Everyone needs to read a fun book once in a while (which is why I read the Sookie Stackhouse novels). So, I know it's not a new book but go out and pick up "Everyone Worth Knowing" for the next trip you go on. It'd be a great airplane read.
Happy Reading!

Can I just say that this cover is so much more striking than the one I bought? Stunning, and it matches the covers for Weisberger's other two books.


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