Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bookshelf: Pittacus Lore


I finished it in roughly five hours. I just couldn't help myself. And what's worse, I had intended to go to sleep early but got so caught up in it that even after I had put the book down and was attempting to force myself to sleep... I couldn't sleep. But it's done now, and I can breathe for half a second before I start reading Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games". Then after that I'm going back to Diana Gabaldon because I miss Jamie Fraser like nobody's business. But first, my thoughts on "I Am Number Four".
I think, from an author's standpoint, that James Frey was smart to go by a pen-name for this series. After the whole controversy brought on by "A Million Little Pieces" I think it was a good decision to sort of run with a blank slate. Whether it's Frey that is the main writer or whether it's Jobie Hughes I can't say, but I like that they've created this character Pittacus Lore and that even through interviews they've remained in character. Check out an interview with EW here.
I also liked the little hint at who the authors really are on pages 267-268. Very clever boys.
From a reader's standpoint it's the kind of book that sucks you in and renders you useless for an afternoon (or evening). Clearly, since I passed up catching up on my dvr in favor of attempting to finish the book. Here's the gist (without giving too much away)... Ten years ago, on the planet Lorien, there was an invasion by the Mogadorians. Lorien was a peaceful, self-sufficient planet and the Mogadorians came to massacre the people and use up all the resources. During that battle, before the planet was completely destroyed, a ship with nine children and nine adult companions made a hasty getaway to earth where they split up, assimilated themselves, and have been trying to blend in since. But the Mogadorians followed them to Earth and have been hunting them one by one. The first three have been killed and when the story begins we are with Number Four as he and his companion attempt to outrun their would-be assasins. They end up in Paradise, Ohio where Number Four tries to fit into high school unnoticed. But of course that doesn't happen because he falls for Sarah Hart, ex-girlfriend of football player Mark James, and is thrust into the social-heirarchy spotlight. Drama ensues. And on top of that, Number Four is discovering his burgeoning powers or "Legacies". More drama ensues.
There's the nerdy, cospiracy-theory sidekick; the loveable dog; the wise elder there to bring him into his prime; the perfect, gorgeous girl; the awful ex-boyfriend; oh and a ton of scary-bad aliens. What could be better?
I'm not usually into sci-fi books (movies are a completely different thing) as evident by my past review choices. But I really enjoyed "I Am Number Four" and what's more, I kind of wish I could fast-forward to Spring 2011 when the second book in the series, "The Power of Six" comes out. Alas, I must wait, but I'm sure I'll find plenty of books to fill in the space between.
And so, now I move on to "The Hunger Games". I've heard good things. We'll see if they are true or just a ploy to get me to spend even more money on books.
Happy reading!

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