Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bookshelf: Lauren Weisberger


I recently went to B&N and scoured their sale tables (which is really the only area of B&N that I frequent) and bought 3 new reads. The first, and thinnest, is Lauren Weisberger's third novel (and soon to be second movie) "Chasing Harry Winston".
My only qualm was with the cover, and I probably am alone in this. I was embarassed to be seen reading a book with a stiletto and three gynormous engagement rings circling the heel, much like I'd be embarassed to be caught reading a Stephenie Meyer book on the T. "Chasing Harry Winston" is the epitome of Chick Lit, but sometimes a girl just needs a funny, light beach read.

Adriana is the rich, Brazilian, never-works, lives off her parents, and brings men to their knees just by biting her lip woman. She's never had a serious relationship but has a wonderful time bedding a myriad of men.
Leigh is the super-serious, up-and-coming editor who's in a relationship with the seemingly perfect guy and yet she's not happy.
Emmy is the serial monogamist and just when she thinks she's getting closer to the ring her boyfriend dumps her for his twenty-two year old, virginal, personal trainer.
And so begins the story.
I found myself enjoying Adriana the most. From her unfiltered speech to her rules on how to lure in potential suitors, she was just hysterical. Her friendship with the other girls, which began in college, is real. I found myself thinking of my own girlfriends while reading the exchanges between the girls, typically over a meal of some sort. I think that's sort of a girl staple and that's why the story works so well. Each girl's story over the period of a year is exciting and dramatic in itself, but when the friends come together it's those moments that stand out for me. Because that's what a Chick Lit book is always good for - great girlfriendships. Right?
I couldn't find any info online about the production of "Chasing Harry Winston" but I do know it's been optioned to be made into film. I look forward to seeing who they cast for each part and whether the stories translate from paper to screen. If you're looking for a good beach, pool, or commute book "Chasing Harry Winston" is a quick and enjoyable read.

And if you were wondering, still no word from the agent reading book 2's manuscript. But on another front, I'm halfway done with the first draft of my thrid book. I'm trying not to procrastinate (it could have been finished a month ago if I had really put my mind to it and stopped watching all the ridiculous shows I dvr) and so in order to really make myself finish this I have set up a timeline. The first draft will be completed by the end of the first week in August. The jury's still out on whether this new format I'm using works. We'll see what the girlfriends think.



  1. YAY! BOOK THREE! I will read Book Two soon, and love it I am sure. I'm being a lazy teenage boy lately. Is it a bad thing that I love it?

  2. It's your summer vacation! Be lazy all you want, and be lazy for me too since I don't get the summer off!


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