Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Nearly Two Months Into The 1850 Renovation

It's been almost 2 months that we've been working on the 1850 Homestead. Normally, we'd be much further along, but we've had some complications that I won't get into that delayed our ability to get the electrician and plumber in to work on the house. So it's going slower than we'd like. Then again, it's been nice not feeling like we have to race as fast and long as humanly possible to get this done. We're taking time to think about things and make more thoughtful decisions, in some aspects. 

We happened to be up in the attic last weekend talking about the carpet that will eventually be installed in there and I looked into the sectioned off/unfinished part of the attic where there's no insulation and the ceilings are basically the roof, and I commented, "I wish we could make this room (the finished part) bigger." And just like that my dad set about tearing down a wall and rebuilding it a couple feet over to make the finished attic space feel incrementally larger. If we'd been racing to get items checked off we wouldn't have considered doing this. And now the buyers will have a great space for an office or a kids' room. So maybe there is added value in taking our time.

I kind of still can't believe we got this house. There are so many aspects of it, little things like the star detail on the front porch, that excite me. How cool is that? I know that not everyone is in the market for a house this old, with bedrooms that aren't huge, with floors that aren't uniform pre-fab wood, there are a lot of quirks. But there is so much about this house - the staircase and bannister, the tall ceilings, the yard, the sun room, and eventually the carriage house-turned family room, that the right family is going to be obsessed with. And then they'll have to pry the key from my hands.

~ Stephanie


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