Monday, September 21, 2020

Staging: A Cambridge Condo

At the beginning of the month I was brought in to consult on and then stage a 2bed/2bath 2nd floor condo in Cambridge. The location was great but the interior needed just a touch of work. Mainly, painting. One of the bathrooms (below) was mint green, the other (not pictured) was a deep pink. 

One of the bedrooms was a dark blue, which made the space, which is a really great space, feel cold. So first up was to paint the entire space in one singular color. 
Next up was to rework the layout of some of the seller's existing furniture to better fit the space. By positioning the bed right at the entrance to the room the space felt incredibly tight, but by just moving it to beneath the windows the room ended up feeling so much bigger.
And then with the kitchen, open shelves help this space feel bigger than if there were uppers over the sink. However, when you have open shelves you have to be mindful that everything shows so you have to be selective in how much you display. Crowding open shelves is a mistake that's easy to fix.

The problem with the living space was that there was oversized furniture and the placement (couch and chair facing the dining table) made the room feel one-purpose. But what I realized on the day of staging is that it's actually big enough to be two separate spaces if you just use the couch as a divider. And then it feels like you have two rooms.


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