Friday, April 24, 2020

The Maynard Cape: Extra Upstairs Spaces Before and After

A month or so ago a woman stopped by the house while my father and I were working. Her elder relations had lived in the house years ago, one couple on the first floor, another couple on the second floor in an illegal apartment. 

We tore out the kitchen and tore up the spongy floor and replaced it with hardwood and now I imagine whoever buys the house will likely make this room their office. It gets great light all day and is at the end of the upstairs hall so it stays fairly quiet regardless of what's going on in other rooms or downstairs. And there's plenty of wall for built-ins and a desk.

Then at the top of the stairs there's a family room or play room. It's at the center of all the upstairs bedrooms and office and open to the hallway. It felt small and uninspired before. Not much changed - a coat of paint and a new ceiling, floors were refinished, and now it's a lovely sitting area.

~ Stephanie

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