Monday, December 30, 2019

Day One of Demo

We closed on the Maynard Cape two days before Christmas. I met my father there after noon so I could take all my before photos and we ended up staying awhile until the dumpster was delivered and in that time we talked about our design ideas and then because we had ants in our pants we tore up the living room carpet.

We met again the next morning, our only day to demo together before my father heads north to give ski lessons for a week. So we had a lot to tackle, primarily - the kitchen. But let me just interject for a moment to say that I demo-ed the kitchen primarily by myself. If you ask my dad he will say he wanted to stay out of my way. Sure, we'll go with that. By lunch time I had removed the cabinets, though I needed help with the sink, as per usual.

And then we discussed the wall and how much to remove. Me, I wanted to remove it all. I wanted the kitchen and dining rooms to basically be one, with a large peninsula where the wall once was. 

And as usual, my design vision won out and we removed the wall completely. Already the kitchen feels bigger and I can see the family who moves in hosting big family gatherings, people in the kitchen and dining room in conversation.  

But mostly, removing that wall makes the living space feel much bigger and brighter. And when the floors are refinished and the cabinets and counters are installed it's going to be so light and welcoming. I can't wait to yet again create a kitchen that I'm not able to cook in and then go home to my incredibly pathetic rental kitchen...

~ Stephanie


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