Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Harvard Ranch Reveal: Kitchen

Man, oh man, was this kitchen tiny before. The placement of the fridge was all wrong and limited access to the cabinets beside it and all those uppers closed in on what space there was. Not to mention the stove and the cabinets around it.

It was a tight space and even though the cabinets were white it felt kind of dark. Isn't that weird when that happens? And now? Well, take a look for yourself.

Ignoring the fact that the faceplates have not been put on the electrical outlets, the kitchen is otherwise perfect. There's ample storage (not pictured: the fridge and pantry surround) and plenty of space for dishware. I'm big into baking and cooking and I'm not sure I could fill up all the shelves and storage. But mostly, I'm still obsessed with the backsplash tile. I would happily use it again.

~ Stephanie

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