Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Harvard Ranch Reveal: Main Floor Bathroom

The original bathroom had great light with two windows, but the jetted tub was outdated as well as the tile. The vanity was in great shape but made the space feel small, so we moved it to the basement bathroom where it fits better and looks great with new Kohler fixtures.

This bathroom will be the main bathroom for the new owners so I wanted it to feel spacious and luxurious. And as always, I wanted to create a bathroom I would want to use. The walk-in shower with glass panel helps the room feel bigger along with a vanity that has ample shelving without feeling too chunky. There's a linen closet to the right (not pictured).

 I was worried at first when the vanity was installed because it's so different from any vanity we've used in previous homes, but I've come around to it. The bathroom needed a little black and the glass provides the much needed contrast to all the whites and greys. And that marble tile - love. 

So that's the bathroom. What do you think?

~ Stephanie


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