Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Staging A Dated House, Part 2

So back to this dated, split ranch. The basement den room was being used as a bedroom/storage space. Personally, I'd turn it into a family/game room. It's closed off from the other family spaces so it affords privacy and could certainly be used as a bedroom, but there are already three bedrooms in this house. 

So I repurposed the kitchen table and turned it into a game room. In the corner (out of view) is an over-stuffed chair and ottoman. 

So I only staged two of the three upstairs bedroom, as per the realtor's request, the twin's room and the master. The twins' room was nothing special, as you can see below.

There was nothing wrong with the space, just the decor. When we look back at this decade will we react the same way I'm reacting to that horrible brown rug? 

The bedding and side tables I used are all from Ikea. If you can handle the overwhelming nature of Ikea then I recommend a trip there. The side tables took me two minutes to put together and they're adorable. And that pouf... well you know how I feel about plaid.

So the master... isn't a true master. It doesn't have an en suite bathroom. But that didn't stop me from making it feel like a real retreat. Firstly, the way to make a bedroom feel big is to recognize where furniture should be placed to maximize the feel of the room. The placement of the owner's bed blocked off the entire room making it feel small.

Firstly, if you want a bed frame but have a smaller space, then buy a frame that you can see through. It tricks the eye into thinking the space is bigger because nothing is blocked from view.

Similarly, I went with very minimal side tables and simple, but elegant lamps (thank you, Molly for helping me pick those out). And though my friend Kaitlin would complain I am way too fond of grey (listen, some people are really into color, and that's fine, I am not one of those people), I think that black, grey, and blue were the absolute right colors for this bedroom. 

With the bed moved to the far wall, there was all this extra space. So I used the vanity from The Chalet along with a (plaid) stool I fell in love with at HomeSense. 

There was even room for a little seating area and I hung extra throws on a wooden ladder I found at Crompton Collective (Have you been? Do you follow them on Instagram? Are you obsessed?). How cute is that??

So what do you think? Would you want to curl up in this bedroom?

~ Stephanie


  1. Something very cool about how all the different blue/white patterns in the master totally work together! You most certainly have a very keen eye for this stuff, my friend.

  2. Such a pro tip about the see through bed frame for a small space. I am obsessed with those master bedroom lamps. I secretly (not to secretly now) hope that one day you decide you don't need them anymore and they make their way to my house. The ladder / seating / reading nook is just the best. Such a beautiful transformation!

    1. HA! I'm sure at some point I'll have overused those lamps and need to part with them. At which point they are all yours!


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