Thursday, February 15, 2018

Itching For Spring

Mother Nature is playing this weird game (which we totally started by causing climate change) where she makes us Bostonians think we're pretty much entering Spring and then she slams us back to reality with below-freezing temps and the threat of snow. I want Spring! I'm sure you do too. But while we wait with baited breath, there are little things we can do around the home to make Spring feel imminent. The pillow section of TJMaxx is a must-stop for me every time I'm there. I love seeing all the different color choices. Currently I have two blue-grey pillows on my couch that scream Dead of Winter, so switching them out with something light and bright would surely help. Also, try switching out your winter fuzzy throw with something bright in color. And put away those holiday scented candles and get yourself one with hints of Spring flowers or summer at the beach.

Itching For Spring



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