Friday, January 19, 2018

The Chalet: Master Lounge Area

I'll admit, the master bedroom is a wee bit odd. The main area is huge, could easily fit a California King and then some, but then there's this extra area that faces a fireplace. Personally, I'd close the fireplace and install some really fancy shelving for my multitude of shoes and sweaters. A girl wants what she wants. But for now, I staged it as a seating area. Whoever buys The Chalet can make this space whatever they want.

Just looking at that before photo makes me want to go wash my hands (shivers). So gross. 

But now it's bright and clean and having lain on the carpet (I was tired okay, give me a break) I can tell you that it's super comfortable. Oooh! This space could totally be a yoga/meditation space! Or a reading nook. Or where the dog sleeps (because cats obviously sleep on the bed). Or a little writing area. Or a, okay, I'll stop.

Happy designing!

~ Stephanie



  1. The stains on that chair... gulp. You turned that nastiness into the most inviting nook ever! So many options. Amazing job!

  2. I completely forgot about that paint color. You transformed what was a cringe-worthy situation into a beautiful, relaxation corner.


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