Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Chalet: Dining Room

This is going to be a short post. Why? Because I really am sub par when it comes to taking before photos! I can't even right now. This is the only photo I took of the dining room...

Did you just hear that? Yeah, don't worry, that was just me screaming in frustration. On the next house I will slow down and taking a thousand photos from every possible angle and it'll be total overkill but at least I'll have more than one single photo of a certain space. 

The only thing from this photo that I kept is the large bowl atop the buffet. It's currently holding all my mail on my coffee table. It's chipped and cracked and I love it. But everything else in this photo - the table, chairs, buffet, George Forman grill, radio built into the wall, tv on the porch, cabinets, cheap flooring, fan, vent in the floor, wall - it's all gone. And now, well it's all brand new.

New floors (hardwood), new cabinets, new light, new paint, new heater (I may not have mentioned that our plumber installed new heating throughout the entire house), new trim, and no popcorn ceiling. We didn't add any windows, but look at the difference in lighting from one picture to the other. I'm not saying that you have to have white cabinets because I imagine they are difficult to keep perfectly clean if you have small children or pets, but they make a heck of a difference in the brightness of a room. 

After The Chalet sells I'm going in search of a larger dining table for future staging because this dining room could easily fit an eight-person table, I just didn't have one to use. Not that I needed a reason to shop... But I've always wanted a farm table!

~ Stephanie


  1. What a transformation!!! It looks 10x lighter and brighter in there. I want that entire tablescape.

  2. Fabulous Job!! Great picture of you and your dad!


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