Monday, November 13, 2017

The Chalet: Saturday At Lowes

First, my father feels that I don't give him enough credit for his design ideas, so let's take a moment to give him due applause for what he's done with the kitchen. Below is the view of the kitchen a few weeks ago. The kitchen had originally been closed off from the rest of the living space and we both agreed that it needed to be opened. My vision was to create a doorway but leave much of the wall up, mostly because that would require less work and adjustment. My father, however, wanted to remove as much as possible. However, the posts in that wall carry the load of the floor above. Sure, if you have ample funding you can bring in an engineer to install a huge beam to completely remove any posts but we are working on a budget. So the support posts needed to stay. 

So my father has wrapped the support posts (as well as the original beams) in barn board, along with the kitchen island to create a rustic look that contrasts with the modern cabinets. What do you think? Saturday we stopped into a granite company to check out slabs for the counter tops. I think we picked a good one but we'll see when it's installed in a few weeks. 

We also stopped into Lowes to pick up the tile for the bathrooms. Below is the main floor bathroom tile. The grey tile will be on the floor, the white tile on the walls. It looks textured but in fact is smooth, and give off an almost wallpaper-like  look. There was just something that drew me to it. We will also be using the white tile in the upstairs bathroom but we haven't settled on the tile for the floor yet. The painter has started on the interior walls and I spent Saturday afternoon and some of Sunday painting trim, but there is still so much more to do. I'm promising myself a vacation when this house is complete. It's been far too long.

Also, how good do those floors look?

~ Stephanie



  1. I love that white bathroom tile. I've never seen that texture effect before.

  2. I think J. Gaines would approve of the island. I'll take two, please.


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