Monday, October 2, 2017

Welcome to The Chalet

I'd like to formally welcome you to the next DaddyDaughterFlip - The Chalet. My father found this house back in July and within a few minutes of seeing it in all its gross glory, we knew we wanted it to be our next project.

I wonder why we're drawn to contemporary homes, but it seems we are.And this house reminds me of Porchlandia because of the size of the main porch on The Chalet (and there's another porch off the master bedroom) and also there is a fireplace that is in the main level and continues up into the master.

Like Porchlandia, The Chalet had (past tense because we already gutted it) dark cabinets that made the kitchen feel like a cave. Within the first hour I picked up a fryolater that unbeknownst to me still had oil in it, and dropped it on the floor. So then I had to tear up the floor just so we wouldn't slip. No worries though, it was cheapo flooring and popped up easily.

The sellers left a lot of furniture behind - a dining room table and chairs, a sideboard that I'm keeping and will restore, pieces of various sectionals, mattresses, side tables, plates, multiple old school tv's, clothes, rugs, you name it.

A bunch of microfridges, too. Forgot those. It's very dark, currently. Which also makes it feel like Porchlandia. Before we tore the carpets out of there and painted the walls, it felt super dark, like a den. The Chalet feels very dark currently, but I have no doubt that with new paint and new flooring it'll brighten up.

This project will undoubtedly be our largest yet. Three floors, four bedrooms, three full baths. It's a lot of work. A lot.

Does the master bathroom scare you? But look how big it is.

You'd totally shower in that shower, right?

But imagine waking up in the master with this private balcony to enjoy on warm mornings. 

The bottom floor is going to be a huge family room (for some reason the previous owners put up a divider to make two rooms, no idea why. But eventually you'll be able to talk out onto the front patio. It's dark and scary now, but not for much longer. 

So that's it, that's The Chalet. How grossed out are you? I'm excited. I mean yes, my germaphobia is in full effect, and today while tearing up carpet in the upstairs bedroom I stupidly had my mouth open and pulled so hard that the carpet went INTO MY MOUTH before I could react. I can't. It was... (dry heaves). So it's been a fun start on demo. Hopefully things get better from here.

Famous last words?

~ Stephanie



  1. This is going to be the most epic transformation to date!!

  2. Cannot wait to watch you and your dad make this gross fest into something gorgeous!


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