Monday, June 19, 2017

Graceland: Sun Room / Breezeway

If you follow me on Instagram then you are very familiar with the breezeway/sunroom as many of my pictures and stories took place in that room. That room, situated between the garage and the kitchen, was the room where we kept all of our tools and where we had lunch each day. It also gets amazing sunlight. 

On one side, there are two big windows facing the streets and those troublemaker goats across the way. On the other side are sliding glass doors that lead out to the back deck. And above it, two skylights. 

Our first week in the house, back in March when it was still snowing every couple of days, I started whitewashing the wood panels, which was my first dabble in whitewashing, but which I ended up liking the end result of.

The original doorway into the kitchen was small, the size of a single door, and didn't let in as much light as I wanted, considering how bright the breezeway is. So my dad and our carpenter widened it.

So now it feels as though the breezeway and kitchen are one large room, along with the dining room, which we'll get to later. People love open concept, but I think that having large doorways allows you both the feel of open concept with also letting each room stand on its own. 

In the breezeway I imagine one of those Pottery Barn cubby units that allows each family member to hang a coat and bag, keep a few pairs of shoes, etc., along the far wall. Then under the windows of the other wall I'd stick a couch, maybe a loveseat, a coffee table, and then in the corner a TV. This room would be perfect for reading on a sunny afternoon, the sliders open and the breeze tickling your skin and rustling the pages.

And just imagine how big of a Christmas tree you could have in this room! So many possibilities. And now there's a gorgeous new ceiling fan to keep you cool. I almost forgot to mention the gorgeous tile I picked out (duh) that my father beautifully installed before taking off on vacation. It's Aspen Sunset Porcelain Floor tile that is blue and brown and no two tiles are the same. As a high-traffic room, I wanted something dark to complement the white-washed walls, but something that won't show dirt that gets tracked in. 

So that's the breezeway/sunroom. Next we'll move into the kitchen...
~ Stephanie



  1. The new fan looks so much better! And I want so badly to be in the scene you described of a sunny breezing reading sesh!

    1. I was imagining my perfect Sunday, lazy reading (a DG book, obviously), coffee nearby, maybe some cookies baking and their aroma permeating the house... sigh.

  2. I love the breezeway and I am positive it will be the gathering place for the lucky family that gets to live here. The natural light is amazing, and you can't beat the proximity to the kitchen (swoon) AND being adjacent to the deck.


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