Monday, June 26, 2017

Graceland: Living Room Reveal

The living room is easily one of my favorite rooms in the house. The fireplace, the bay window looking out on the goats across the street, the great light throughout the day. To me it feels like the perfect size for a living room. You could fit a couch and a love seat, or, if you father refuses to help you move a couch from home to use for staging, three chairs and a fair bit of extra space.

Don't get me wrong, regarding the fireplace. I love red brick. I think it adds character where there often isn't any. But in this house, with all the modern updates, I just felt like the brick shouldn't remain red. I needed to be consistent since the kitchen and bathrooms were going to be modern and bright. 

So I have no regrets in painting the fireplace. I think it's stunning and according to my Instagram followers, they seem to think so too. And normally, everything that I used to stage the fireplace sits boxed in my apartment so I'm glad everything got a chance to sit in a space where it looks great. 

We really lucked out with the naturally beautiful floors. The woman who lived in this house clearly took good care of them and not having to replace them saved us a lot of money and time.

It feels great that my father is always so open to listening to my ideas. I had seen a photo on Instagram of a similar staircase and both sides were open to about halfway up and I just loved how uniform it looked, and also opened the space up. I'm so glad that we opened up the staircase wall.

So that's the living room. Light, bright, I think it's pretty cozy, and updated to fit with the rest of the house. 

~ Stephanie


  1. This rooms feels so much bigger, brighter and lighter! Love.

  2. I would stick both arms out to my sides coming down the staircase for breakfast every morning... because I could. I LOVE that change!


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