Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Graceland: Kitchen Finale

When I saw the listing for this house online, I knew I needed to see it simply to understand what the heck was going on. Why was there weird looking brick on the wall? Why was only half of the space being utilized? What was the deal with the wallpaper and two-tone walls?

It was dated, for sure, but it was just plain silly how little of the kitchen was actually being utilized. There was all that space to the right of the peninsula that must have been occupied by a table, but with the dining room next door it just didn't make much sense. So the first day at the house we demoed the kitchen in five hours. Cabinets, appliances, tile floor, gone.

The faux brick on the walls, stuck on using asphalt were annoyingly difficult to get off. I wouldn't know, personally. I let my father handle that. 

Once the peninsula was removed the space which had previously felt like two small spaces became one big one. And then we started talking about an island and laying out where appliances would go, etc. And it started to come together.

My favorite aspects of the kitchen... the two pantries (because I like to keep a lot of food in the house, you never know when you might be hosting someone), the gigantic lazy Susan, and the pull-out spice rack that I could fill in a heartbeat. And then the gigantic farm sink, which my father picked out. Let's all give him a round of applause for that decision.

We left the fridge up to the buyers (Have you been appliance shopping lately? There are sooooo many fridge options! You can even get a fridge that flips through your digital photos!) and there's a space beneath the right window that would fit a wine fridge, if that's your thing. I mean it's definitely my thing, and I wanted to get one, but my dad said that would make the kitchen too busy. Dad, I'm questioning your passion for wine.

I just want to host a dinner party here. Is this not the kitchen of dreams? So much space to move. So much counter space. So light and bright and open. Can whoever buys this house please have me over for dinner?

So that's the kitchen. I don't really know what else to say about it. I love it. I hope someone else loves it too and buys the house. Please, please, please! It comes with two neighbors who might bleat at you, will definitely give you some side-eye as they chew their hay, but will keep you entertained. Also, their owners just got the most adorable puppy. I mean if you're into really cute but hairy neighbors. I sure am.

~ Stephanie


  1. I know it's not kind to choose favorites, but the kitchen is my favorite room in this house. You guys completely transformed this from a space that felt small and cramped into a place that is filled with natural light, has tons of seating and hang out space and don't even get me started on that farm sink - SWOON.

    1. Agreed. I'm so happy with how the Creme Maple Glaze cabinets look in the space and my dad made a lovely choice with the countertop - just enhances the natural light.


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