Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Graceland: Bathrooms, Before & After

On the first floor...

Maybe I should have named this house the Technicolor house, since every room was a different color. Remember the all-pink bathroom just down the hall from the kitchen? My sister was upset that I didn't save her any of the lace from the curtains or shower. They were one of the first things I threw out. They'd collected dust and dirt and started to turn brown around the edges, giving off an air of Miss Havisham.

Because we went with such light colors on the walls, the trim, and the tile, and because I wanted to keep the closet door it's original dark wood, I went with a dark vanity from Home Depot. Have we discussed how horrible the customer service is at Lowes and how little they care? Because of those experiences (plural) I decided to order both vanities from Home Depot. They were ready for pick up in only a couple days and they look fantastic and high-end. So that was definitely the right decision.

The tile, toilet, and shower fixtures are from Lowes, womp, womp. The key to Lowes, we've found, is buying what they have in stock on the store floor. If you have to order it from them, you're shit out of luck and it's a no-go. (Sorry for swearing, Nana.) But they do have a great selection of tile, if they have enough to complete your project. 

When we demo-ed this bathroom we discovered a foot or so of unused space behind the shower/tub plumbing. So we had the plumber shift the pipes so we could fit in the bench into the shower. As of writing this post we're still waiting on a glass panel to arrive for the shower (not a door, just a pane of glass you step around to enter the shower).

The mirrors in both bathrooms are from my absolute favorite store - TJMaxx. Because duh.

Let's travel upstairs to the bluest bathroom there ever was. Again with the Miss Havisham curtains.

We removed a closet, which opened up the spot next to the vanity and allowed me to buy a larger vanity than was previously there. I opted not to go with a double vanity this time but there is ample storage and space for a large shelving unit beside. I'm not normally into dark colors for renovations. Typically I go for light and bright. But I love how the dark vanities standout against the white tile. 

I couldn't quite figure out the best angle to encompass the glamour of the walk-in shower, but this is the best I could do. You might remember we used wood panels like this outside the walk-in shower in the master bath in Porchlandia. We have certain things we gravitates towards. This is one of my dad's. 

And beside the shower is a soaker tub, for those who prefer a nice salt bath after a tough day. Or a bubble bath, if that's your thing. Or, to wash the kiddos. Or the dog.

So that's the bathroom reveal. What do you think about the tile choices? Love? Hate? Wish you could install them in your own bathroom? Apparently my father has already picked out tile for the next house. (Next house, you say. We haven't bought the next house.) 

~ Stephanie



  1. Having seen both of these bathrooms in person, I can attest to how gorgeous and high end they are! Just beautiful.


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