Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pendant Lighting

Let's discuss kitchen lighting.

In Graceland I asked our electrician to put two lights over the island (aside from the regular can lights). I picked out two Allen & Roth Mini Pendant lights (not featured below) that were simple but really lovely. I think the key to picking lighting fixtures for the kitchen is that you want something that is beautiful on its own but not so ostentatious that it draws the eye away from the natural beauty of the kitchen. You don't want guests spending their time staring up at the lights when they could be fawning over the cabinets and marble countertop. Save the over-the-top lighting fixture for the dining room.

Pendant Lighting

Brushed nickel lighting

ELK Lighting copper light

Ceiling light

Pottery Barn column light

Feiss brown lamp

Maxim miniature light

Chain lamp

Barn lamp

Daylight lamp

Ceiling light

Cord lamp


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