Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Graceland: Tile

This past weekend I arrived at Graceland thinking I'd be painting the never-ending trim, but because we're nearing the end grouting needed to get done so that the plumber can come in and hook up all the toilets, vanities, showers, etc. But we also needed to go buy the toilets and the kitchen appliances, so there was a short amount of time to get the grout completed in. 

I love grouting a horizontal space, because it's easy, and the grout stays in the spaces between tiles. But I had blocked out of my mind how much I dislike grouting vertical spaces, probably because of how mad it made me on the last house. Admission: I get frustrated very easily. So after completing the space above, having uttered a slew of really bad words, I moved on to the shower. More really bad words were flung and then the tears started as it seemed that more grout was ending up on the shower floor than in the spaces between tiles. I gave up on the trowel and just used my fingers because at least then the grout seemed to stay where it was supposed to, even though it left me looking a mess.

And then my dad came in and said I was doing a good job and to just focus on the areas around where the shower head and handle will go, so the plumber can come in and do his job. So I did that and then we went off to Lowes to order the dishwasher and stove, etc. (*You can see where I grouted above in grey, the darker lines being where I didn't.)

But I remembered to take a photo of the backsplash my father picked out. He said it's marble and really soft so when you cut pieces (to fit around corners and electrical outlets) it crumbles, but I think it looks fantastic and clearly worth the trouble. So, nice work, Dad! (See that? I gave you credit. You can stop complaining now.)

I won't be at the house again until Saturday so I won't have any updates until then, and hopefully then it'll just be cleaning up and staging, which is the best part anyways. So check back in a week to see the before and after photos!

~ Stephanie



  1. Love seeing the amazing progress, Stephanie. It looks amazing! -Kristen

  2. Cannot WAIT for before and afters!!

  3. You've heard the joke about the similarities between men and tiles right? -Sam


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