Thursday, April 13, 2017

Graceland: Opening Up The Staircase

This house was in the best shape of any other house we've renovated, I think that just has to be said looking at the photo below. Look at how beautiful those hardwoods are!

When we started, each room was very much a separate room, standard doorways separating each room. We know how much people like open-concept, but I think with some styles you don't want to fully take away from the original charm. So widening doorways without making it full open-concept is a way to do that.

I reeeeeeeeally wanted to open the wall along the stairway so that both sides matched, because on the living room side it was open to the living room and it felt off not matching that on the dining room side. 

So while I was back in the city at work, my dad and Larry widened all of the doorways we'd talked about, including the stairway. Now, the front door entrance will not only be lovely (once the stairway and railings are finished), but the living room and dining room feel like parts of a bigger space instead of two separate rooms.

And now with the doorway from the dining room to the kitchen, and the doorway to the breezeway/sunroom you can see from nearly one end of the house to the other. It feels more open without losing its Cape charm.

Now if we can just get rid of those hideous purple walls.

~ Stephanie



  1. It's amazing how that one change can make it feel so much more open and airy!

    1. Wait until you see it at the open house. I think it's going to have a really great flow throughout.

  2. I think opening up the door way was a great idea. Definitely makes it look more open but still beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It's nice to hear other people agree with our design choices (calms my worries a bit).


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