Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Graceland: Breezeway/Sunroom

So this is the breezeway (which I'm more inclined to call the sunroom), the room between the garage and main house...

This room get such great light - windows on one side, slider on the other, skylights above. We've been using it as our lunch/storage room. It's the perfect spot for watching the goats that live across the road. They're such weirdos and I'm obsessed with them. 

We certainly could have left the room as is, but the tile looked dated and the walls looked a little too rustic, especially with what we were intending to do with the rest of the house. So with the tile being torn out my dad said he wanted to tear out the wood walls and put up drywall. My response? You bettah don't! Why tear out walls, have an added expense, when you don't need to? 

So I suggested whitewashing. Sure, I'd never whitewashed anything before, but no big deal. I used Minwax Water Based White Wash Pickling. Because it was a water-based paint, and because the wood was so incredibly dry, the first swipe of paint was almost completely absorbed into the wood (as you can see in the two images below). So I went over each board 1-3 times, brushing up and down. If you want a thicker look you can do a second coat once the first coat has dried, but I wanted a thinner finish.

The door to the garage will be replaced along with the trim, so the look isn't finished in the pictures below, but suffice it to say the room is brighter now and once the tile is torn out and new tile installed the room won't look washed out, it'll have contrast.

There's so much potential for what this room could be - tv room, reading room, play room, game room, really large mudroom, perfect sun room for sleepy kitties. 

Speaking of sleepy kitties, how ridiculously cute is this kiddo?? She likes to hold hands (paw) while she sleeps. She also likes to hold hands (paw) when I type or just about anytime for no reason. Le sigh.

~ Stephanie

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