Friday, March 24, 2017

Graceland: Before

I meant to write this post days ago but I get home from working on the house and just want to crawl straight into bed, and then today I clothes-lined myself and went finger and head-first into some unforgiving steps so between the bump on my head and the wonky finger I really don't feel like writing a long post, so apologies, this will be brief.

This is Graceland in all its "before" glory. It's a Cape with a breezeway and attached garage. It has three bedrooms and a bath on the second floor, a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and office/guest room on the first floor, and a laundry area, family room and two extra rooms in the basement. I guess that makes it our biggest house to date.

The breezeway is amazing. It gets light all day due to skylights, sliders on one side, and two large windows on the other. I imagine it being a sitting room or tv room, perfect for an afternoon nap, the windows open and a light breeze passing through.

The fireplace in the living room was one of the reasons I wanted this property. There are actually two fireplaces in the house, one on top of the other. I guess I just really love fireplaces.

The dining room leaves a lot to be desired. Purple walls. A ridiculously low-hanging cheap chandelier. Hideous tapestries. No me gusta. 

The woman who lived here clearly loved her colors. The pink bathroom is on the first floor and it has two closets and a jet tub. It feels very cramped and small as is. 

Above is the guest room/office, which... why? Why pink, why horrible tapestries, horrible wallpaper? Come on people, let's make better design decisions says the girl whose childhood bedroom was turquoise, pink and white sponge painted walls). 

This is the second fireplace, in the basement, which I foresee as maybe a family room, or man cave, or play room. Ignore the faux-wood paneling for now. 

Again with the colors. Blue walls, blue tub, blue sink, blue tile. This is the upstairs bathroom, and it too has two closets and feels tight. 

Two of the upstairs bedrooms are cute. They aren't big by any means, but they'd fit a twin or full bed and a dresser or desk, which is really all you need. The carpets leave something to be desired though. And that wallpaper.

Lastly, the kitchen. Oh ridiculous-looking kitchen, you've seen better days. The faux brick. The poor use of space. The wallpaper. I saw this kitchen and immediately knew it needed a complete redesign because the room is actually fairly large, but it's horribly mismanaged in this layout. 

So there you have it, the before photos of Graceland. I look forward to sharing with you all the renovations in the next few weeks and be sure to follow my Instagram to see photos of the day's work in real time.


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  1. Holy colors, Batman! Can't wait to watch you transform this into something gorgeous. The breezeway especially!


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