Friday, December 9, 2016

Staging A Home

My mother commented recently that she liked the way I'd staged Porchlandia, which I greatly appreciated as I took care to use items that I thought would help sell the property. But I started to think (especially while searching through currently listed properties) that maybe some people could use a little help with how to stage their home for sale.

Staging A Home

The key, I think, is to be simple about it. You're not trying to sell your decor or furniture. You're trying to sell the house. Therefore, you want to present a simple palette that draws the viewer's eye to the space, but you don't want them focused on say, a throw pillow or knickknacks. Stick with neutral colors so the viewer remembers the living room, but imagines their own furniture in place of yours. You want them going home and thinking about the fireplace, or the view of the yard, or how perfectly the dining room table looked. Set up your coffee table with a tray, some books, a vase of flowers, a jar of chocolates. Set the dining room table as though you're preparing for a holiday meal so the space looks ready to host, that way they will walk in and think about hosting themselves. Add a throw blanket over the arm of a chair or along the back of the couch so they walk in and think, Yes, I could curl up in here. If potential buyers starts to imagine themselves living there then you've done your job.


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