Friday, October 7, 2016

Porchlandia: A Little Landscaping, Part II

 I'd like to revisit the way the front of the house looked just two months ago at the beginning of this project. There were a lot of trees and saplings and brush - basically a jungle. And then Olivia and I spent an afternoon tearing out what felt like a ton (in our defense, we were using a bow saw and hedgers, and a little elbow grease), and then along came my cousin with his chainsaw and excavator and made our work look silly.

Back when there was still all this undergrowth and trees, you couldn't see the house until you'd reached the top of the driveway. It was so hidden that you had to be on top of it to actually see it. But now, now the landscape has completely changed.

That's my dad, in the bottom right corner of the photo below, which gives you some sense of the yard my cousin has created. It's still a work in progress, eventually there'll be a walkway up to the front door, and two tiers of lawn (so when it rains everything doesn't just wash down the hill and onto the driveway.

 How do you create walls, you might ask? You dig through the property with an excavator until you find various boulders and then you dig out a hole and bury the boulder back in the ground. I know the photo below doesn't look like much right now but it will, when the lawn is seeded and comes in. And there'll be a walkway through the stones.

After painting the closet doors and cleaning out the fireplace, I went outside to see what the boys were up to. My dad, my uncle and my cousin were busy finding boulders, discussing the layout of the yard, but for the most part it's up to my cousin and his expertise. He maneuvers his excavator like it's an extension of his own arm. I had to leave before he was finished for the day, but as my uncle, father and I stood around watching I couldn't help but think that it's a shame my grandfather lives far away because he'd for sure be at the house every day watching and commenting. He'd be so happy to be part of it. He'll be up to visit in a few weeks and I can't wait to show him what we've done.

Anywho, we're nearly there.



  1. I can't wait to see this two tier yard. It's going to be so gorgeous and have such curb appeal.

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