Monday, October 24, 2016

Porchlandia: Dining Room Renovation

Let's review what the dining room looked like two and a half months ago. The dated lighting fixture. The linoleum floor. The smashed out and boarded up windows. You totally want to host a dinner in this space, don't you?

The space was so dark because of the boarded up windows and slider that even with a flash my camera had trouble focusing. 

It felt small, hardly large enough for a table and I wondered if we'd be able to sell the space as "dining" space because it felt so cramped.

But with new paint, new floors, a new lighting fixture, and my dining room set - voila! A cozy, really adorable dining space!

The dining table is from my uncle but everything else is from TJMaxx/HomeGoods - chairs, runner, plates, bowls, napkins, etc.The tufted royal blue chairs are my favorite and the moment I spotted them in the Assembly Row TJMaxx I beelined for them and plopped down claiming my stake.

The lighting fixture is Kichler and is available at Lowe's with three bulbs or five. Five seemed like overkill in this small space but three is perfect. I went with this one because of the distressed wood/metal combination.  

Compared to those photos at the top, this space is now light, bright, and airy. And I want so badly to cook in the kitchen and then host a dinner. Sigh.

Maybe whoever purchases the house will invite me over for dinner... I'm willing to cook!

The front deck railing, which you can see out the window, was built last week by my father and allows the view to be unobstructed, which, in the woods of New England in the Fall is really all you could ask for. If you check my Instagram feed (to the right) you'll see the amazing foliage. I couldn't have staged a better photo if I'd tried. Let's just hope the leaves are still around for the open house.

One more time, let's just remember what it looked like before...

And now...

Are you in love? Wait until you see the living room.



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  1. I AM in love! Wow. The space feels so much bigger. It's wonderfully cozy and I love the way you set the table. The view of the deck through the windows just puts it over the top!


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