Saturday, August 20, 2016

Porchlandia: Update on Siding

The siding has started going up already. It's amazing how much quicker this flip is going than others. It's only been a week and a half but we're already done with demo inside, have put in two new sliders, removed/moved some minor walls, put up drywall, puttied and sanded drywall, painted the ceilings and primed the walls and removed all but one wall of siding.

The original siding wasn't a horrible colour or anything, but it wasn't in good shape. In many places along the bottom it had rotted and fallen apart. And anyways, my dad is really partial to staining barn board, which is what he did for the new siding. You may remember that it's the same material (though I stained it) we used around the garage of the Ranch House.

So above you can see that there were sliders in one of the bedrooms. My father and our carpenter removed the sliders and replaced them with windows from the kitchen (they were too big because we're putting a breakfast bar in). And why not reuse things where you can? Saves on money spent and saves on refuse.

As you can see, it's a work in progress. The stove was supremely heavy so it only made it halfway to the dumpster. The fridge only made it as far as the porch. But two walls of barn board is up! And it looks pretty snazzy.

Looking sharp, barn board. Looking sharp. And the white trim on the windows? Stop it. I believe, unless he's changed his mind - which is entirely possible, that my father's intention is to do gray trim around the roof. Are you ready to move in? I sure am.

Thanks for tagging along for this reno! I can't wait until we get to the place where I can post before and completed after photos. I'm so ready that I already went shopping for staging items. Cart before the horse and all that. C'est la vie.




  1. Loving the new siding. It's taken 20 years off the exterior appearance!

  2. WOW ! You have done so much ! It looks beautiful already !

    thanks for sharing , Steph !


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