Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Porchlandia: Master Bedroom Windows

Let's revisit what the master windows looked like a few short weeks ago. Unfortunately, this is not the best picture and it seems I didn't take a head-on shot. So apologies. But if you look closely through the leaves you can see that there were sliders barred by a weird gate (I don't get it). And squinting you can also see the other window, just to the right of the sliders, that was boarded up. 

Obviously sliders with weird gates will not pass inspection so last week it was taken out and replaced with a legitimate window. In a dream world, in which I get everything I want, this would have been replaced with one single window, just a wall of glass. But alas, I don't get everything I want and so regular ole windows went it. Sigh.

These windows may be half the size of the original sliders but they still let in a lot of light, as you'll see on the inside. And once the siding is replaced, which you can't see but is just around the corner, it's going to look a thousand times better.

The original inside view of the master bedroom. Dark. Especially because the window to the left (not pictured) was non-existent and boarded up.

It's amazing the difference in light within the room simply by removing the dark curtains, the wallpaper and the carpet. What a difference and the walls aren't even painted yet. Below is Larry working on the framing, doing a stellar job.

Framing/studs, plywood, window, and then insulation (which I like to call stuffing). And then drywall goes up.

To the left of the former sliders, where there'd been no window and just boards, another window went in bringing so much light into the master bedroom. That's the wall that the contractors have been working on putting new siding up. It's look great and I can't wait to show you once completed.

Drywall is up, walls are ready for paint, and all I can think about it how lovely it would be to wake up in this room with the sun streaming in. I was alone at the house tearing up some flooring the other day, blasting Beyonce as you do, and thought man, this house is something. I am in love something awful with this house. I think it's that it's very reminiscent of my childhood home - the open, airiness of it, the walkway overlooking the downstairs, the privacy of the woods. 

And so that's the update on the master bedroom. Of note, the windows look foggy because of their protective covering which we'll remove once the house is ready for the market. By the next time I'm at the house the walls should all have been painted and the siding complete. I'm running out of vacation days to use for flipping, which means missing out on each day's minutiae. But we're getting close.

~ Stephanie


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  1. I cannot wait to see this room completely transformed. It's going to be a stunner!


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