Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Porchlandia: Kitchen Demo

It's weird to think that it's not even been two full weeks and I'm already saying let's revisit the before photos. But I am. The kitchen cabinets arrived on Saturday and while we're not quite ready to install them, it's worth remembering what they looked like only days ago.

What's going in is white shaker cabinets, the opposite of this dark, drab kitchen that was. Though the nearly floor to ceiling windows were removed (and moved into one of the bedrooms in place of sliders) I actually think the kitchen is going to be a thousand times brighter, simply by putting in white cabinets.

I love galley kitchens, but only when they're done in a way in which it doesn't feel small. Galley kitchens should feel functional and they can feel big, if laid out correctly. This one clearly was not with the big fridge smack-dab in the middle. 

It feels cramped, right? Dark and cramped. So we tore it all out. I even had to sawsall through a pipe (which I whined about not wanting to do) in order to get the dishwasher out.

Part of the reason the kitchen felt so dark before was that windows were boarded up on both sides. Now (don't even get me started on this because I did not okay putting them in - it was supposed to be a front door) there are sliders off the kitchen, which brings in a good deal of light, along with the windows that will be over the breakfast bar.

On the other side, leading out onto the big front deck, those windows are still boarded up because one of them is smashed out. But that will certainly bring in even more light.

We started tearing up the linoleum floor only discover another linoleum layer beneath. Why? I have no idea. It's like people who cover gorgeous hardwood with carpet. It makes zero sense and it's just more work for us.

So that's the update on the kitchen. Cabinets torn out, just need to finish tearing out the flooring and sand the walls and then cabinets can go in. Eeek! I have to keep pausing and thinking, how are we this far along at only two weeks? I honestly don't know. We're just charging full steam ahead I guess. Man am I tired. But I feel great.



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