Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Curl Up With A Book

So. The followup to KISSING FROGS is available for purchase. It's called FISH IN THE SEA. Have you purchased your copy yet? Are you in the midst of devouring it? Do you wish you too could work at Gram's with Elliott and her girlfriends? Well, let's imagine Gram's together.

Gram's is made up of Elliott's beloved grandmother's possessions. Her antique furniture and teacups. But it's also about splendid, amazing books and book-related items that Shea scours the city for. There are cozy corners to curl up and read or sip a spot of tea, there's the couch beside the check-out counter where the girls laze and gossip when they aren't ringing up customers. There are the worn leather chairs taken from Elliott's grandfather's study. And then the antique teacups and matching saucers.

Because I had nothing better to do (in fact, I am avoiding starting the next book because I just need a short break first) I compiled some items below that I imagine would fit perfectly in Gram's.

Curl Up With A Book


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  1. This is so fun! I love the tea cups and I am obsessed with the "The book was better" mug. Do Elliot's house next!


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