Friday, January 8, 2016

Bookshelf: The Royal We

So I am back at work after vacation. Suffice it to say I am less than thrilled, but c'est la vie, right? Ugh to the nth degree. But let's revisit vacation because I started off by finishing CONCUSSION on the plane (and passing it on to one of my travel mates) and then started THE ROYAL WE. I initially bought it because I heard that Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman were teaming up to produce the movie and Graham would be writing the script. Sign me up for opening weekend tickets to that!

THE ROYAL WE by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (the girls behind Go Fug Yourself) can essentially be called fanfiction in that it's a re-imagining of the royal family as if Kate was an American exchange student and Will was named Nicholas (there's still a younger, ginger prince, thank goodness).

As a quick aside, I remember being in freshman year science (high school) and a tow-headed popular girl casually said to me that she was planning to go to college in the UK because she wanted to marry Prince William (she ended up going to Florida, but that's neither here nor there). I remember saying something to the effect of, Why do you think he'd marry you? I was honestly curious as to why she thought she out of millions of other girls would qualify for princess. Because I'm a WASP, duh. Stumped, I responded, What's a wasp? She looked at me like I was a dunce, which I certainly wasn't but admittedly I was quite naive about the world. A White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, she retorted. And suddenly I thought, OMG, I could marry Prince William! (Although let's be real - Harry's the real catch. Am I right?)

And so, Cocks and Morgan play upon so many American girls' dreams of meeting the Prince at school, immediately falling in with his circle of friends, and bonding over binge watching American trash TV late night in the dorm. I read it on the beach and finished it in the airport before we boarded the plane. Two things of note. On the beach on day two I started crying and wiped gingerly at my sunglasses (it was a really touching moment in the book). Are you crying? Asked one of my tripmates as a tear slid down my cheek. Yes, I responded. It's just a really sweet moment. I can't discuss it. And then when I closed the book one final time, followed by a really loud sigh, the same friend commented, Are you okay? Are you crying? I was not in fact crying but I was sad that the flippin story was over! It was such a fun read!

I would say this book is perfect for a trip (doesn't have to be a beach vacation but that surely helps) or just cozying up in bed as the days grow colder. But if you need an excuse to book a warm-weather vacation then this book could be that excuse. 

Happy Reading!


  1. So I went right to Amazon to pick up The Royal We, but see it doesn't come out until April. Lucky you. I definitely don't need another book for my TBR shelf, but it sounds like fun.

    1. Michelle,
      Weird! I bought it on Amazon so I don't know how I got it early! Maybe they mailed out some advance copies?


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