Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ranch House - The Exterior

This past weekend the house officially went on the market and had it's first open house. Five parties came. One party asked if the deck was even finished as it isn't stained. I realized that not all home buyers know about building materials so I am hoping that our realtor explained that the deck is made out of pressure treated wood and therefore doesn't need a stain. Yes, the porch is complete. 

So now that the house is complete, I'd like to take a look back on each aspect of the house and look at the transformation. Let's start with the exterior. 

When I first laid eyes on the house I wasn't thrilled. From the baby blue to the shrubs and dinky front door, it looked dated (and reminded me of my grandparent's house). 

Then there was the illegal pool which I think my uncle quite enjoyed tearing down.

I was so appreciative to have my pal Nemo assist in the hole digging for the porch posts. As an avid hole digger himself he lent a lot of insight to technique. And then gave me kisses. 

This is the second porch I've helped build and I have to say, it's really rewarding to go through the exhausting process of building it and then walk on the final product. To be able to say "I built this with my hands" is something wonderful.

My uncle and cousin spent a couple weekends grating the entire yard - front, side, back. It's too cold now to lay down sod, but come Spring the owners will have a ready yard for planting.

I bought a welcome mat because what's a front door without one? I hope that whoever buys this home will appreciate all the touches that went into the house, from the motion-detection lights, to the new windows to the door.

Next we'll move inside and explore the transitions of each room. But first let's pause and imagine sitting in a rocking chair on this porch on a summer evening gazing out over the yard. Can you hear the peepers?



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