Monday, December 21, 2015

Ranch House - Dining Room Decor

I think in imagining dining spaces my rustic roots come out. I like big chunky, sturdy wood tables and no-fuss chairs (mostly because I'm prone to spilling and after years of babysitting I know that a child will feed their lap as much as their mouth - so tufted cloth chairs have never really made sense to me). The Ranch House's dining area has space for a large table as well as a sideboard and a wine rack. I'd also switch out the lighting fixture for something more eye-catching, like a simple chandelier. With the French doors the room gets great light and would be a wonderful place to host a meal with family or friends. Can you tell I'm imagining myself there?

Ranch House - Dining Room Decor

Wool rug

Wine chiller

Nearly Natural floral decor

Gold candle

Nearly Natural flower planter

Tufted chair


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