Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ranch House - Week Eight

I spent part of both days this weekend up at the house. Yesterday I drove up for three hours of painting with my sister while my uncle and cousin worked on the yard (i.e. played with their big-boy toys). My father spent last week working on tile. As you can see below, the master en suite is coming along nicely. It's so bright in there and the tile is looking fantastic. It still needs grout but it's nearly done. 

While I worked on painting outside Saturday, our floor guy got to work inside. Before he sands and refinishes everything, he has to match new floorboards in the hall to the bedroom floors so that it's seamless throughout. He does a really fantastic job which makes up for the random singing he does while working. Supposedly he wears headphones and listens to Elton and I can't fault him for the momentary burst of singing. I get that way sometimes too (though not in public).

Do you remember the original, hideous tile that filled this hallway? Barf.

In love.

When it's stained and glossy I might just melt into a puddle.

On to what my father was doing. So the kitchen cabinets finally arrived. Of course you can order them already put together, but why pay extra if you're capable or putting them together yourself?

But before the cabinets can be installed, the kitchen floor had to be made level. So my father played with cement all day, mixing and pouring:

 It was a slow process, waiting for the cement to creep across the floor, meet the other cement puddles and find its level.

So that's how I spent much of the weekend. The floor guy will be in again this week and once he stains the boards we won't be able to do much for a few days, so painting will have to be put on hold. But hopefully by then the kitchen floor will be ready for tile and cabinets! The current goal is to be ready for the market in two weeks. Fingers crossed!



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  1. I love reading these recaps every week. It makes me appreciate every detail in my house that much more knowing all that potentially went into it. I hope the buyers of this beauty appreciate how you've transformed it!


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