Thursday, November 12, 2015

House Flipping Attire - Fall/Winter

Lately, working on the house requires more than just throwing on a pair of jeans and a top. Though the house is now properly insulated, the heat is not turned on, which means that working in and around it can be quite chilly. As such, I've been layering up - usually 3-4 layers on top, wool socks, my Roxy boots and a beanie. But a few weekends ago, the weekend that I got really upset while painting, I got paint all over my favorite boyfriend jeans. They are the softest jeans I've ever owned and I scrubbed and scrubbed and couldn't get the paint out, which just pushed me farther into grumpy gills mode. But then, with a safe distance between that afternoon and myself, I've started to think - it's not like I'd ever wear those jeans to a dressy event, so what does it matter if they've got paint on them? Further, it's a battle scar of the first house I flipped with my father. So, yay for the paint splatter!

House Flipping Attire

Volcom hoody

Patagonia grey vest

Happy Socks red socks

Roxy tan shoes

Keds hat


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