Monday, September 21, 2015

Ranch House: Kitchen Demo

One entire day was spent on the kitchen. First, I had to empty cabinets. I found empty liquor bottles, a box of Captain Crunch, loads of ashtrays, toothbrushes, Wool-lite for pets. Just... gross. So after that was all tossed in the dumpster, we were able to get down to the demo. I had to unscrew all of the doors (which also reeked of cigarette smoke), then using a sledgehammer we tore it all down.

And then there's the floor, which was two layers of linoleum... Because one layer isn't enough? 

I have found a niche market and must now invent... scented masks! Seriously, it needs help. I'm thinking a tropical scent, maybe a pine scent, also a cotton or clean laundry scent. Because breathing in your own hot breath causing you to then sweat on your upper lip could be highly improved by something nicer smelling. 

So that's that with the kitchen demo. The space is going to become the dining room and the inner wall will be opened up to the living room to create a more open feel. So stay tuned...


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  1. Wow - a very dramatic before & after. I can't wait to see how you and your dad totally transform this room.


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