Friday, September 18, 2015

Ranch House - Day One, Bedrooms

So the first day... dealing with that smell... trying not to breathe. Our first task, after opening all the windows (little good that did), was to tear out all of that DISGUSTING carpeting. There are three bedrooms and while they are all decent sizes they looked dark and dismal. Part of that was due to the hideous tapestries (I have to wonder sometimes, what are people thinking when they decorate like that?). 

My dad began cutting and lo and behold there were hardwood floors beneath! As a quick aside, let me just say that hauling carpets out and tossing them in a dumpster is the most amazing free workout a person can do. I'm feeling muscles I never knew existed and one of my knees was aching like it never has before and I felt exhausted, but in the best possible way. I was sweaty and gross but felt great!

When all of the carpets were torn out, the rooms looked better and definitely brighter. And once the floors have been sanded and stained I know they will start to feel like bedrooms again. Ones that people would actually want to sleep in.

But then there was the matter of the peeling, yellow wallpaper...

Luckily, it was peeling so much in one bedroom that I was able to pull entire strips off. But for the most part I was only able to peel the top, patterned layer off while the tacky underlayer remained on the wall. Enter WP Chomp, a spray that does the hard work for you. After removing the patterned layer, you spray it generously over the entire area, let it sit for maybe 30 seconds and then scrape away the tacky layer with a putty knife. 

I spent the better part of a day scraping off wallpaper but it was oddly relaxing. Don't get me wrong, my arms were exhausted. But it was a small sort of accomplishment. (*I just got lost for a few minutes daydreaming about that chapter in Pride & Prejudice where Elizabeth Bennet, Charles Bingley, Caroline Bingley, and Mr. Darcy are all arguing over what it means for a woman to be "accomplished". One of my favorites. And under those qualifications I would not be considered accomplished. But I digress.)

So the hallway... Barf.

Once that carpet was torn up it revealed a hideous tile pattern. Listen, I realize the sixties were a very different time, but why did no one have a sense of style back then?! Honestly.

So that's that. Off to a solid start. So much more work to be done. I can't flippin wait.



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  1. Love reading these updates! First of all, why do people cover hardwood? I will never understand that. Second, I love the photo of you standing over all the wallpaper shavings. So artistic!


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