Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunday Brunch Wear

I was out at brunch with girlfriends on Saturday, and then thinking about the Sunday brunches that Gram and Elliott had in the Public Garden in KISSING FROGS. The weather in Boston was gorgeous this weekend with hints of Fall and I got to wear a new pair of jeans. Woohoo! Then I started thinking about the world of Elliott Roux and what she might wear going to brunch with Gram.

For those that have read KISSING FROGS, you know that Gram is a put-together woman 100% of the time. Therefore, going to meet Gram downtown for brunch, or even at her Charlestown home, would mean not rolling out of the house in yoga pants and a hoodie. But it being Sunday, Elliott would still want to feel an element of relaxation. So I put together a comfortable yet classic Fall look that she would wear, not forgetting Stanley (it may also be in part due to the fact that I just bought a beautiful cat watch, which my own cats then stole and hid and I still have not found over a week later).

Sunday Brunch Wear

J Crew polka dot top
$155 -

Navy shirt

Pointy toe flat

M N G pink handbag
$42 -

Kate spade jewelry


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