Thursday, August 6, 2015

NH Flip House - Master Suite

Last summer my father let me help him with minor parts of the house he was flipping up in New Hampshire. He gutted the place as you will see in the pictures below and then refinished it, leaving a house that I would live in immediately, if not for the distance from Boston. Let's start with a look at the master suite, shall we?

Ah, the master suite. I wanted to live in this house solely because of the amazing master suite. Gigantic bedroom, gorgeous bathroom, walk-in closet and a sitting room/office - who wouldn't want that?

My father took the room down to the bare essentials and built it back up, adding in a bathroom.

Master Bath:

The master bath, as you can see, did not exist prior to the flip. It not only gives the house a second bathroom, but it also divides up the space to create a bedroom and a sitting room/office.

Sitting Room & Closet:

That wall is just screaming for a custom built-in desk, don't you think, something simple, with ample room for a computer and space to sketch? And then across from it along the walls of the closet some bookshelves.

In a later post we'll head downstairs to take a look at the gorgeous floors and new kitchen.


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