Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bookshelf: Recent Reads

A few years ago I was either listening to NPR or watching PBS (I honestly can't remember which) and they mentioned HALF THE SKY and I thought, I need to get this book. So I went out and bought it and read half of it. Last week I finally finished it, after watching two episodes of A Path Appears on PBS, one with my mother. I know not everyone likes reading non-fiction. Honestly, I usually stay away from it. But HALF THE SKY should be read by everyone, regardless of reading preferences. It made me think, a lot, about what I'm ignorant of around the world, about how we are taught to think in regards to solving problems (throw money at a problem like a band-aid) and what actually ends up being the best course of action: education. Read this book, share it with your friends and family and discuss. And then if you can find A Path Appears OnDemand watch it. I was totally unaware (and horrified to discover) that sex-trafficking happens in Boston. I had no idea.

A few years ago I read THE LOST DOGS by Jim Gorant, fell in love with pitbulls and traveled to Best Friends in Kanab, UT with my mother and had the most amazing vacation. I'm not exaggerating when I say that book and the trip to Best Friends changed my life.

My senior year of college I came home one day to a pitbull puppy in our house. One of my roommates was puppy sitting for the afternoon for a friend and at the mention of the p-word I admit I had a jolt of fear. Pitbulls were said to be dangerous/scary/aggressive and I had ignorantly believed the hype. But then I looked down at this five pound mass of awkward limbs and drool, scooped her up and thought, Well, you're not scary, are you?

And since reading THE LOST DOGS I have thought of nothing besides one day adopting a pittie of my own (so long as the cats approve), so when I saw WALLACE on a bookshelf a couple years ago I scooped it up. (As a quick aside, I do not usually buy hardcover books because the expense isn't worth it to me since I purchase so many books, but both of Jim Gorant's books are hardcover and I don't mind.) The best part? There are pictures! I'm only about a third of the way into it right now but if Jim Gorant could please continue to write books about pitties I will continue to buy them - in hardcover.

Happy Reading!

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