Monday, January 26, 2015

New England Winters

Dear Fellow New Englanders,

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We have lived in this part of the world for our entire lives. Unless you have annual amnesia (in which case I am really sorry for you, carry on) you have lived through a lot of winters. That's a lot of snow. Like, probably... fifty feet of snow over your lifetime (total guestimate there). That's lot of school closures. (Quick sidenote: I got the most amazing sled one year for Christmas. It was fire-engine red with steering handles and runners and I'm pretty sure it's still in my father's basement... I should go sledding.)

But back to the "snowmaggedan" at hand. Take a deep breath because this storm that's upon us is nothing new.

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You've survived a Nor'easter before. Stock up on baking supplies, load your dvr up with episodes of Castle and Elementary, pull your favorite pair of sweats out of the closet and settle in for a cozy twenty four hours of relaxation. Quit you're whining because it's driving me bonkers. You've got this.



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