Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Friday! Who's excited for the weekend? This girl.

A coworker came up to my desk this morning and started gushing - "So my favorite part about Kissing Frogs, and there are so many, is that..." And I had to shush her because my other coworker who sits beside me is only a couple chapters in and I didn't want to ruin anything for her. So we started emailing instead. This coworker has been a book friend for over eight years. We share recommendations, we talk about the writing process, and she's written a book herself though never published it. She was divulging how it feels overwhelming, to write and complete a story, and I absolutely know that feeling. 

Here's how I have to look at it (because the idea of writing a series is a bit overwhelming if I'm being honest). A story is a compilation of moments. It doesn't have to be written in one long stream. You have an hour before you have plans with friends? Turn on your computer and write a few lines of dialogue. Every day just write for a few minutes, whatever free time you have. Personally, I like to set aside a few hours on a weekend day to write because while I may sit down to write something short, another idea for a scene or dialogue might hit and I just keep going. Or, more often than not, I'll decide that I really just want to tease my cats and not write and then my cursor just keeps on blinking until I decide to do something else. My point is, you don't need to rush, you don't need to give up your social schedule, just fill in the spaces of your day with moments of creativity, much like caulking (I'm currently in a renovation mindset, apologies). If you want to write a book you can absolutely do it. You just have to have a goal in mind and you'll get there. It's not a race so enjoy the writing journey.

But this is definitely my favorite thing that happened today: 

"I told my mom the other day about you and how you are my inspiration!:)"

Obviously my day is now complete and I'm going to go home, throw on sweats and bake something.

Happy Reading!


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