Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rough Morning

Work has been a bit overwhelming lately. I feel like I've been treading water in a riptide and can't get back to the beach. (As a quick aside, if you ever do get caught in a riptide DO NOT swim for shore. Swim parallel to the beach and within a few feet you should end up outside of the riptide and then you can swim for shore.) So I stayed late yesterday and set my alarm to get into work an hour early this morning. I got up, it was dark, I wanted to crawl back in bed. It's cool but muggy so I thought a dress, cardigan and boots would be a good outfit for the day. I got ready, grabbed my keys, walked out the door and promptly turned around and went back in.

I don't know how, but apparently when I turned 31 I became a dowdy old woman. If I'm going to the beach or running errands then I might walk out of the house in short-shorts and not care. But to ride the T into the city for work? You're kidding me, right? So I changed into another dress and cardigan. And then had second thoughts and came back into the apartment. Because that dress is loose and flowy and I have a legitimate fear of a strong wind exposing my skivvies to the world. Then I changed into a long skirt and sweater and God, why don't I just take my cats to work with me? On top of that, I looked at the clock and realized I was late. So I threw my hands in the air, on the verge of tears, grabbed a new dress and sweater, and forced myself out the door. Get over it, I told myself. And I walked (in a gloss of humidity induced sweat) to the T.

I read Jojo Moyes's book "The Last Letter From Your Lover" on the T and my mood improved. And then as I was walking up the stairs to the street I told myself I was allowed to treat myself to an egg breakfast and a Dunks iced pumpkin coffee. Because.

I got to the front of the line, reached into my bag... and there wasn't a wallet. I must have left it in my gym bag last night.

So... I don't know how I didn't cry. Maybe because I was in public. Without breakfast, coffee, or anything but yogurt to eat, I headed into the office to be a grouch. I'm phenomenal at being a grouch. There's a science to it.

Anywho, I was going about the morning being miserable...

olivia:  I forgot to tell you... we don't have to be at work today; it's WHATEVER Wednesday.

 me:  that.... I really wish it was true

 olivia:  I tweeted it, it's true; (it's not, I'm so sorry.)

me:  it's just a rough morning, that's all, but I think if someone said that I could go home I'd probably cry and hug them

 olivia:  I know, right? And I'm so sorry you're having such a poopy morning, I hope something totally glorious surprises you this afternoon

olivia:  like maybe Taylor comes up the stairs panting and is like, "Stephanie... (breath)... I ran... (breath)... the whole way here... (swallow)... to find you. (breath) I'm here to take you home. Now."

Not going to happen unless... wait, nope, no pigs flying outside my window. But it put a smile on my face all the same. 

AND THEN... DUNKIN DONUTS FOR THE WIN! I tweeted about my coffee fail this morning and they messaged me back with a gift certificate! I might cry. That's how happy it made me. This girl runs (I don't ever run, so it's more of a determined walk) on Dunkin. 

So thank you to the universe (being Liv and Dunks) for turning my morning around. I truly appreciate it.



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  1. I'm sorry you had such a horrible morning! Yay for Taylor Kitsch dreams and a surprise moment from DD! How awesome!


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