Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not Even Remotely Book Related

This is just a little rant that I'm putting out into the universe since I really don't know who reads this blog.

Last night a friend of mine tweeted this:

"There are very few people who need guns in their every day lives. Let's get back to basics here. #guncontrol"

She got this as a response (I have cut out the handle of who sent it because I don't think he deserves any recognition)...

Look, I realize gun control is a hot topic in America and people have drastically different opinions. Personally, I think Congress needs to create stricter laws because too many people die in this country from gun violence and it could all be prevented. But I didn't write this post to rant about gun control. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and whether you support gun control or a person's right to own bazookas that's your prerogative and I'm not going to go on about who's right and who's wrong because in our minds we're all right and that's not what I intended this post to be about.

What I'd like to discuss about this person's response is that regardless of your opinion, there should never be a time where a person thinks it's ok to be mean, crass, rude, etc. to another human being. And especially not to a stranger. Let's all stop and think about our words before we splatter them on another person.

Frankly, I feel really sorry for this person. I think he must be holding onto a lot of anger and hate in his heart. Maybe he's had a really difficult life. Maybe he's had a really privileged life. Who knows. But regardless of what's going on in his world, why did he think it was okay to tweet this into the twitterverse? There's absolutely no excuse for being mean. And having just watched this video:
I really think everyone in the world should try to be just a little bit kinder throughout their day. Choose kind, people! Choose kind!

That is all.

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