Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Father - Daughter 5

Yesterday I spent the day working on the house with my father. I would so much rather be outside on a gorgeous day than working in an office. Even if the temps reached into the 90's and I had a horrible bout of food poisoning the night before. I'm a tough cookie. A tough cookie who wears this to work on the house...

Have no fear, I did not get a drop of paint on that outfit. Instead, it was all over my legs, arms and fingers. Even my nose, which I realized on my drive home. Thanks for letting me know, Dad. 

I spent the day painting. A second coat on the window frames in the downstairs bedrooms and the bathroom. Then the walls of one bedroom, the trim in both bedrooms and one closet door. 

Meanwhile, upstairs there were contractors taping up the drywall and my father and his coworker from the mountain were tearing down the doorway between kitchen and living room to open things up. It was so noisy and dusty and later as I lay on the couch watching tv I couldn't figure out why my eyes felt so dry. I guess I should have worn glasses.

I can't get back to the house for a little over a week and I feel like so much will have changed before I see it again. Next week the floors are going to be worked on and I'm so excited to see how they look when they're finished. I'm going to save the before and after pics until it's completed so you can see the drastic change. And even though I won't be living in the house I'm already imagining how I would furnish it. Wait until you see the master suite. One word - amazing.



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  1. I can't even imagine what your dad said about that outfit. The socks! Can't wait to see the house totally finished. What a transformation!


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