Monday, June 16, 2014

Father & Daughter 3

Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn to drive out to my dad's house (thank goodness for Dunkin Donuts). We hopped in the car and headed up to Lowe's and spent about an hour in Plumbing. Then we had to play a fun game called Can we fit it all in the truck bed? Indeed, my father is a puzzle master. One tub, two showers and two toilets. 

Then, after hauling everything into the house, we set to working on the front porch again. Over the course of the week he had worked on the roofing. I know what you're thinking, Man, this seems to be taking a long time. Guys, this isn't HGTV (I wish!). It's just one man, a few of his friends helping out when they can, and one whiny daughter. Slow but sure progress. 

Things I have learned over the past three Saturdays...
Knee pads might seem wicked awesome (and make you feel legit), but being on your knees for a couple of hours really isn't that fun. In fact, it kind of hurts.
Sleeveless Star Wars shirts are cool, but not appropriate for working in the woods. I.e. bug bites on your armpit.
I need to work on my arms at the gym.
When did I learn all the words to the kind of music my father listens to? 

The battery on my little kid screw gun, excuse me, cordless drill, runs out really fast, especially when used by me. So for a while I was using my dad's and man is that thing heavy. Or I'm just weak. Either way, look how cute the father-daughter drills are side by side! Wish that little one came in pink...

So here we have a look at the end of Saturday's work. As you can seen, it's still not finished. I didn't ask, but I'm assuming we do some kind of stain/waterproofing next?

My father also managed to frame the upstairs bathroom, demo the downstairs bathroom, and frame the master suite's walk-in closet last week. So who knows what I'll see when I arrive next weekend!



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  1. Love following all the progress on the flip house! Keep sharing all these great transformation photos. Can't wait to see the dramatic before & after.


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