Monday, June 23, 2014

Farmshare Recipe: Salad with Dill Dressing

So my farm share started three weeks ago with Wright-Locke Farm. I have been so impressed with the veg so far. My high school bff picks it up on her way homer from work every Thursday and then we split it (because it's way too much food for one person).

Friday night I had dinner at Molly's house and offered to bring some of my goodies over and create a salad.

2 radishes*
Green onion*
1 Garlic clove
Fresh Dill*
Sour Cream
1 Lemon
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Salt & Pepper
(* Items were in my farm share.)

I diced up the radishes (how good to those look?), cherry tomatoes, green onion and avocado.

For the dressing, I diced the garlic, juiced the lemon, pulled the dill from the stems and chopped it up a bit, then combined it with about 3/4 cup sour cream. A sprinkle of salt and pepper were added and then I stirred it well. You could also add a little vinegar to thin it out and add a little tang or substitute plain yogurt for the sour cream. It's incredibly versatile, you can basically add in anything and it'll be a great dressing. Maybe add some red pepper flakes for a little kick.

I am loving this farm share and the fresh, non-gmo or pesticide laden veggies I get each week. I can't wait until we get further into the season. I'm hoping for some zucchini and peppers maybe? We shall see!



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  1. This salad was SO delish! Loving all your CSA creations!


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